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"Magic Kingdom"

How can you get there?

You have mainly 3 ways to go to Iguazú Falls

1) By plane:

At the airport, Emanuel Enriquez our local P.A.T.E (Photo Adventure Tours Expert) will transfer you to your hotel and guide you in whatever else you may need. 

Whatsapp of Emanuel:  

      +54 9 3757 656353 

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Technical Information



Puerto Iguazú is a border city in the province of Misiones, Argentina. With a population of 82,227 (2010 census [INDEC]), it is the fourth largest city in the Province, after Posadas, Oberá, and Eldorado.

The world-renowned Iguazú Falls is only 18 kilometers (11 mi) away from the city, and as a result, the city has developed much of its infrastructure around tourism.


Puerto Iguazú has a Humid Subtropical climate (Cfa according to Köppen climate classification). Temperatures are warm in winter and hot in summer. There is no dry season and rainfall is abundant with every month receiving over 100 mm (3.9 inches) of rain and the wettest month, November, receiving over 200 mm (7.9 inches) of rain on average. Precipitation falls mostly during convective storms. Due to abundant rainfall, rainforests surround Puerto Iguazú.

The hot season lasts for up to 6 months or more, with temperatures reaching between 30 °C (86F) and 35 °C (95F) on most days, and dropping to 18 °C (64F) to 24 °C (75F) at night. Thunderstorms with heavy rains bring relief when the heat becomes too intense. The cool season runs from late April to mid-September, with daily highs reaching an average of 21 °C (70F) and a low of 11 °C (52F) in June.


These averages are reached through an alternating weather pattern, with several days with northerly winds and temperatures of around 28 °C (82F) or higher and warm nights over 15 °C (59F) giving way, in a very sudden manner, to cool, rainy weather and temperatures between 10 °C and 15 °C (50F to 59F) for a few days, then to dry, sunny weather and colder nights (around 5 °C, or 41F, and sometimes much lower) and pleasant days in the 15 °C to 20 °C (59F to 68F) range, and a gradual increase in temperatures as winds rotate to the north again.


Frost is rare but does occur in some winters, and temperatures within a few degrees of freezing occur every winter. The record low is -4.9 °C (23.1F), a surprisingly low value given the latitude, the vegetation, and the low elevation of the area.

Temperatures above 40 °C (104 °F) have been recorded in the spring and summer.


2) By Bus:

  • From Buenos Aires there are daily buses, you can buy the ticket personally at Retiro Bus Station downtown city or online at or  It is a 17 hs travel and spect to pay between U$ 40 and U$ 50.  Buses are in good shape and service is ok.


3) By Car or Motorcycle:

  • Turn on your GPS after you rent your car or get your motorcycle, is an easy and good road around 1200 km (650  miles) depending on the road combination you take, National Roads number 14 and 12.  It is better if you do the journey in two days and relaxes somewhere in the middle, you will enjoy it better.  So if you plan a car or motorcycle trip you will need at least 10 to 15 days (4 days for going and coming, and a week at least to move to the area).


About my experience


So, why I call it "Magic Kingdom".  Because the Tropical Forest is that, you may feel as if you were on Avatar planet, or in Jurassic Wold when one velociraptor may appear from the woods at any moment.  Puerto Iguazu and its falls are that a place was taken from nowhere, where the magical atmosphere of the dripping waters and the giant trees, with plenty birds and life are everywhere.  Come on and discover it by yourself.

MARK 1.jpg
MARK EN GARGANTA 1 low res.jpg

Feeling the power of such amount of water

With Itziar Ituño visiting the Devil´s Throat at Iguazú Falls

And when I said, it is a magical place, as you can see in the next photos, where the atmosphere of the forest, the giant falls, covers everywhere. You will feel yourself tiny, overtaken by the power of nature. It is a wonderful experience and you should not let it pass.

And what about animal life? I will show you just a glimpse of what you can see at Iguazu. Parrots, Tucans, fancy birds, monkeys, cougars, Jaguars, a lot of butteflies, color everywhere.