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39° 16 0 S, 65° 41 0 W  - is the entrance city to Patagonia.   Choele Choel is the capital of the department of Avellaneda in the Argentine province of Río Negro, and the most important settlement within the Valle Medio ("Middle Valley") agricultural area of the Río Negro River in Patagonia

In January, temperatures reached 28° C with dry weather and sunshine, and in July reached 10° C degrees with rain and wind. Annual rainfall are around 324 mm.

9,791 (2001 census [INDEC]), is located at the intersection of the National Routes #22 and #250, around 1000 kilometres from Buenos Aires, 180 from General Roca, 193 from the Las Grutas beach resort, and 460 from Puerto Madryn.   Its long distance bus terminal is a common stop for buses going to both sea-side Patagonia (Puerto Madryn, Río Gallegos, Ushuaia) and North-Andean Patagonia (Bariloche, El Bolsón).   During the 1990s, the airport used to serve regular flights to Buenos Aires, but currently serves only infrequent private charters.

Originally named Nicolás Avellaneda, it was founded on July 9, 1879 by General Conrado Villegas. After a flood, the inhabitants moved to a place known as Pampa de los Molinos. They would stay there until Match 18, 1882, when the settlement was moved to its current location.  The town acquired special importance during the Conquest of the Desert, when the border between the white man and the Native Americans was pushed south the shore of the Río Negro River.  In 1883, a post office was installed in the town. Salesians arrived in 1890. The Provincial School #10 was created in 1904, and in 1917 the Library. Irish Argentine writer Rodolfo Walsh was born in the town in 1927, and Choele Choel is home to a sizable Russian community; besides the European immigrant communities common to most of Argentina, the town received refugees from Laos in the 1970s.

There are several versions regarding the meaning of Choele Choel:   it might be from the Araucan language, translated as "Yellow flower race," or from the Tehuelche language ("Small river rolling-stones"). Another version translates it as "Bark scarecrows." [1]

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The area of Choele Choel "Middle Valley" has many beautifull and pleasant places to visit.  In recent years, an activity that has become very prominent in this region is agro-tourism, by which the surrounding rural establishments have opened their doors and offer visitors the opportunity to spend a day or to stay more and to learn in depth country life.

You can not fail to mention a visit to the birthplace of Ceferino Namuncura, the saint of Patagonia. The Mapuche Indian who is idolized throughout the region and was born in Chimpay has his sanctuary, where thousands of pilgrims come every year.

Enjoy the area, have fun
Mark Royo Celano

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