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Welcome to Photo Adventure Tours.
I will guide you thru my own experience to different wonderful spots for vacation and relax.
From The Andes, Patagonia, Rain Forest,  Tango Culture, City life, Photo Safaris, Expeditions, Adventure Packages, Extreme Sports, Relax Spots, Spas and Health
You will find wonderful photos of each area, hotels and places to stay, restaurants and places to eat, currency change, weather, sports, activities and local secrets.
I hope you enjoy your trip and take great photos.

Argentina is great country for photo shooting sessions.
Have fun!!!

Mark Royo Celano
Photo Adventure Director

Photo Aventure Tours are fully coordinated by Mark Royo Celano, International Photographer and Journalist.  He had been working in Adventure Tours round the world, from hot Nigeria to cold Russia, India, Australia, Venezuela, Salt Islands, Singapore, USA, Algeria, Afghanistan and many more places.  Now,  we are inviting you to discover the beauties of Argentina and South America.  Visit Mark´s site to see his art work and more info.

We experience each area and place before offering it to you, adventure tours, hotels, restos, activities, etc. to guarantee the quality of the services they will provide to you, that´s our main idea, that you get the best experience posible with the best local tourist providers.  Once published, you can contact directly any local reseller for specifics data info, booking, hiring services, etc,  or contac us if you need more help.  Hope we can help you in enjoying Argentina.   

4 x 4 truck, specially designed for outdoor and safari travels are being used in our adventures.  Full equipment with radio and cellular phones, emergency first aid boxes, secure and termic passenger area with huge side windows for photo and video producers.

About the tours we offer directly like the "4x4 PATAGONIA ADVENTURE" we can adapt our travel adventure packages to your agenda schedule for one, two or three weeks packages tours or longer adventures travels of one or more months.  We highly recommend you inform yourself and book any tour of at least two months in advance.



Read the followings suggestions please.
We will be visiting very delicate spot nature, with wild animals and National Parks laws, so we will ask you not to carry back souvenirs like trees, leaves, rocks, etc. We will just visit, see, keep in our heart and try to go thru as much unseen us we can, so others after us may enjoy the same.
If you smoke, we will ask you not to do it in some specific areas like into the truck or hotels. We don't allow heavy alcohol drinking and any drugs consuming.
Perform a routine doctor test allowing you to do these tours or xtreme sports before booking.

Teams are limited to 5 people per vehicle, carry the minimum necessary luggage (a handback bag is best), keep cameras free from dust, cold and weather conditions.  Be carefull with bateries


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